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Ricky Rickson (Ricky Makwe Basilepo), Singer / Songwriter and keyboards who was born in The Democratic Republic of Congo now resides in Winnipeg and put on a amazing and energetic show in Winnipeg at the West End Cultural Centre to a full house audience.  Having moved here several years ago from South Africa to showcase his musical talent and his passion for building his music career in the heart of Canada.

Ricky’s show started with magical experience with guest dancers and gave gave the crowd something fresh and different moving people with both music and visual elements in his performance.  His music takes influences from Reggae including South Africa’s Lucky Dube, as well as influences from African Rhumba and international pop.

“People understand now that the blind can play music and play keyboards and sing, and yea its normal,” says Ricky Rickson, “but I want to show people something different… I want to show that people who are blind can do anything they put their minds to.”